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Every human being has rights, and organizations that defend those rights should be lauded.

But what happens when an organization ostensibly dedicated to human rights, instead uses its resources to attack, discredit, and disparage Israel — instead of protecting the universal rights of all people?

This is exactly what Al-Haq does, with official support from Western governments.

Al-Haq describes itself as “an independent Palestinian non-governmental human rights organization,” and receives funding from the governments of  Sweden, France, Germany, the European Union, Denmark, and Norway. Al-Haq’s primary activities are intense politicized campaigns against Israel — not actually protecting human rights.

In fact, internal Palestinian human rights dynamics are not prominent on the agenda — or the website — of Al-Haq. There is not a word about the lack of elections for nearly 20 years in the Palestinian Authority (PA), where Mahmoud Abbas has been in charge since 2004. Nor is there anything about femicide or honor killings, despite the fact that UNICEF singled out PA-controlled areas for the prevalence of the murder of women by their husbands or male relatives. And Al-Haq has nothing to say about the PA’s well-known death penalty for people who sell land to Jews.

What Al-Haq does have plenty to say about is “genocide” — especially since Israel went to war against Hamas in the wake of the terror group’s October 7 massacre.