[Opinion] Why Is Amnesty International Providing Excuses For Hamas?

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For many years, Amnesty International has been a leader in the intense political war to demonize Israel using the façade of international law and human rights. Using the organization’s vast resources, officials have issued a torrent of statements, “reports,” and social media posts in this assault, including calls for war crimes investigations by the International Criminal Court and embargoes on the sale of weapons and defensive technologies.

As in most Amnesty campaigns on Israel, this one surgically removes any reference to the repeated and very public threats from Hamas to overrun the border fence that protects nearby Israeli communities from terror attacks. Instead, Amnesty cuts and pastes from allegations made by the Hamas propaganda machine regarding the death and wounding of “innocent civilians” (almost all of whom happen to males between the ages of 18 and 35, and affiliated with Gaza’s terror organizations), adding a liberal dose of pseudo-legal language with no substance. Following the standard script, Amnesty’s propagandists accused Israel of “excessive, deadly force against protesters,” terms that are never defined.

In parallel, the bloodthirsty threats from Hamas to overwhelm and destroy “the Jews” are replaced by absurd images of polite and peaceful protestors “who merely demand an end to Israel’s brutal policies towards Gaza and a life of dignity…” In this media onslaught, Amnesty endorses the Hamas-led Great March of Return, with the declared goal (continuously recycled for 70 years) of destroying and replacing the Jewish state and its almost nine million citizens.