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As some of the 237 hostages held in Gaza continue to be freed in a fragile temporary cease-fire deal, most humanitarian organizations remain deafeningly silent on the fate of these innocent captives and Hamas’ extensive abuse of civilian and medical infrastructure.

This exploitation, especially the extensive tunnel network under hospitals, was key to Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack and the continued illegal holding of these hostages, including women, children and elderly and injured people.

The nonprofit Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders, has a global budget of $2 billion and donors that include leading nations like Canada and Switzerland, in addition to corporations, foundations and individuals.

Media outlets regularly use it as a source of information in conflict zones.

One of the world’s most influential humanitarian organizations, it has repeatedly and very visibly failed in its stated mission to provide “independent and impartial medical humanitarian assistance.”

MSF has remained silent about the welfare of the hostages taken from Israel, who range in age from a baby of 10 months to people in their 80s and hold passports from dozens of countries, including the United States, Germany and Thailand.