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The blatant evidence of UNRWA employees’ involvement in Hamas terrorism, including direct participation in the brutal October 7 slaughter, has finally put this and other failed UN agencies under a spotlight. They are not alone – allied non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating under the banner of humanitarian aid also have a long history of cooperation with Palestinian terror, as well as malicious disinformation and advocacy.

The case of World Vision highlights the potential for stealing materials and funds that are provided for humanitarian objectives. In 2016, World Vision’s Gaza director was arrested for helping Hamas divert $50 million provided by the Australian government, and a few years later, he was convicted and sentenced. The judge’s decision, as well as publicly available financial records and a court-ordered audit, expose the lack of oversight and due diligence by World Vision officials, despite the obvious fact that they were operating in a terror-controlled entity.

In another example, in 2018, during violent confrontations orchestrated by Hamas along the Gaza border (now understood as rehearsals for October 7), the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) hired Yasser Murtaja, described as a journalist, to use a drone “to document for NRC the bitter prolonged struggle faced by Palestinian refugees in Gaza.”

Mortaja was killed in one of the clashes, and shown to be a Hamas official. Instead of acknowledging the evidence, NRC head Jan Egeland stepped up his lobbying against counter-terrorism measures designed to prevent Hamas from commandeering aid. Egeland and the NRC have a long record of systematically ignoring and erasing evidence of terror diversion, while falsely asserting that tighter oversight is “the primary obstacle to humanitarian action within Gaza.”