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"NGO Monitor attacked the report for relying on flawed data and in some cases misquoting it. It also noted that its independent research, which included interviews with 66 Palestinians but only 8 Israelis, was "anecdotal and lacked credibility."" "Presenting information in this manner only serves to reinforce the myth of Palestinian victimization a tactic that does not foster an environment conducive to peace and mutual understanding," said NGO Monitor president Gerald Steinberg. According to NGO Monitor, the 166-page report on the settlements is the longest one issued by Human Rights Watch in the last two years. "Human Rights Watch has issued more reports and documents on Israel in 2010 than on any other country in the region," said NGO Monitor, which explained that the settlements report was the third one issued about Israel this year. It noted that the HRW’s five-year report, issued in 2007, on systemic Saudi Arabian abuses is only 52 pages long, while its report on Syria in the past decade, issued this past July, was only 35 pages. NGO Monitor said that the head of the HRW’s Middle East and Africa Division Sarah Leah Whitson in 2009 actually went to Saudi Arabia to raise funds, selling the message that HRW’s role is central in countering "pro-Israel pressure groups.""