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That said, we also noticed the NGO Monitor’s report to the 2013 Global Forum on Anti-Semitism, “Blood Libels and BDS.” (BDS stands for boycott, divestment, and sanctions). NGO Monitor has a long history of digging into the activities of human rights and peace groups, particularly those with foreign funding or support, for evidence of anti-Semitism that would undermine the legitimacy of their criticisms of Israeli authorities.

Providing what it calls “detailed examples…[of NGOs that] embody both classical anti-Semitism, including blood libels and theological attacks on Judaism, and ‘new anti-Semitism,’ where hatred of Jews manifests itself in demonization of and double standards on Israel,” the new NGO Monitor report raises concerns about organizations known to many NPQ Newswire readers.

There are entirely legitimate concerns shared by non-Jews and Jews about Israeli settlement policies, the treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank, and other issues in opposition to the positions of the Netanyahu government—and in opposition to U.S.-based groups such as AIPAC. Anti-Semitism like any other form of racism should always be challenged, but using the charge of anti-Semitism (or racism) to characterize people who hold different perspectives is not a useful tactic.  We ask our readers to look at the NGO Monitor report and tell us what they think of the organization’s examples of anti-Semitism concerning organizations of some visibility and reputation in the U.S.