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[Excerpts, translation by NGO Monitor]

Despite the financial crisis in EU countries, it seems that the EU has succeeded in finding some very unessential use for the tax-payer money. Examination of three NGOs that are being supported financially with hundreds of thousands of euros from the EU. The report finds that they promote boycott and violence against the state of Israel, as opposed to official EU policy.

The EU has a program called “Partnership for Peace,” a project whose purpose is to strengthen the alternatives of non-violence. As part of this project, the EU gave more than 350,000 euros to three NGOs: Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP), Nova, and the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC). NGO Monitor found that those NGOs do not comply with the EU criteria, undermining its official stance and working against the state of Israel.

The report claims that CWP, an Israeli organization, is a leader in BDS and demonization campaigns. PSCC organizes protests against Israel… that have often turned violent. Spanish NGO, Nova, claims that Israel is acting with racial discrimination and apartheid policy – a policy which that doesn’t align with the EU’s.

“Are those the partners for peace and tolerance in the Middle East or are they just fanning the flames with their European taxpayer funding?” NGO Monitor asks.

“I am planning to submit this report to the members of the European Parliament. The EU refusal to release any significant documents that shed light on funding decisions reflects a clear violation of transparency principles,” stated Prof. Gerald Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor. “Those NGOs clearly act in order to demonize Israel under the rhetoric of human rights and promoting peace.”