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The proposed legislation being advanced by “Im Tirzu” (the Agent Provocateur” Law) does not address problems of foreign government funding for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Instead, if adopted, it would be counterproductive and increase the power of NGOs engaged in counter-peace activities, as well as the influence of the countries funding them. As NGO Monitor’s research has shown, proposed legislative measures that depart from the core democratic principles of transparency and accountability are ineffective. They are often unenforceable, and damage Israel’s vital interests.

The issue of large-scale and unprecedented NGO funding from foreign governments to manipulate Israeli politics is a serious issue. When countries like Holland, Denmark or Germany use NGO funding instead of the accepted diplomatic channels for relations between states, they contribute to internal conflict, and undermine Israeli sovereignty.

These legislative proposals, and the ensuing responses, divert attention from the core issue: extensive and irresponsible European funding. Instead of demanding that funding states address these practices, such proposals add to the emotional reactions of fringe groups from both the left and the right.