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[T]he ICC, like the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and similar bodies, is primarily driven by politics, and not justice or other moral principles.

Armed with this knowledge, for 35 years Palestinian leaders and their allies have advanced the strategy to exploit the ICC as a battleground for political and legal warfare. Working closely with anti-Israel NGO allies such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and dozens of groups funded by British and European governments, this attack, exploiting the façade of human rights, has proceeded steadily.

The 2009 UN Goldstone “report” on alleged Israeli war crimes during the Gaza war earlier that year was designed to trigger ICC proceedings against Israel. However, this document was thoroughly discredited, including belatedly by Mr Goldstone.

Since then, further steps were taken and forms filed, accompanied by intense pressure from the PA, the Arab League, the NGOs, and echoed in the media. The UN launched yet another pseudo-investigation of Israel, this time headed by certified Israel-basher William Schabas, who declared the aim of putting Prime Minister Netanyahu in the ICC’s dock.