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"Based on NGO Monitor’s research, the scale of tax-exempt funding from the U.S. for the left side of the political and ideological spectrum appears comparable to the funds distributed to pro-settlement groups ($20 million to $25 million annually). And, as in the hard-core right-wing groups highlighted by the Times, radical left grantees promote some objectives that are in direct opposition to U.S. government policies, including support for terrorism." "The stakes for Israel are very high, and NGOs are seen as leading the campaign to isolate Israel, using allegations of war crimes, as reflected in the Goldstone UN report on Gaza. Groups on the radical left have led this campaign, using foreign donations, including those from European governments and tax-exempt foundations in the U.S. More than half of the claims and references in Goldstone’s indictment are attributed to 48 of these NGOs. Mega-philanthropies are major supporters of these groups, giving them resources and high political visibility. George Soros’ Open Society Institute, the New Israel Fund ($31 million annual budget) and the Ford Foundation are central to this effort. OSI and Ford are also major donors to groups like Human Rights Watch, which has a $40 million annual budget and a Middle East division that works to “turn Israel into a pariah state,” to quote HRW founder Robert Bernstein’s op-ed in The Times."