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"Uri Rosenthal, the foreign minister of the Netherlands, renounced Israel delegitimization efforts. However, he then began to lecture the Israelis, as a friend — mind you — that the Jewish state needed to be more "forthcoming" in negotiations and that, after all, Israel needs to understand that the settlements are illegal. Once again, the critiques flowed only one way. The rationale was perverse: Unless Israel starts coughing up concessions, enlightened fellows such as Rosenthal will be shouted down by Israel’s critics back home. In sum, he proved Shalom’s point: Europe is estranged from Israel in large part because Europe’s approach to Israel has become cool if not adversarial. And by the way, he was mum on the news, revealed by NGO monitor, that his government provided a huge six-figure sum to Electronic Intifada, the website that spreads Islamic propaganda."