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Recent campaigns by politicized NGOs (non-governmental organizations) have brought the question of NGO funding to the fore of Israel’s policy debate. Reactions have included proposed legislation in the Knesset, as well as editorials in local and international newspapers. Even the U.S. Ambassador to Israel has weighed in – indicating the centrality, and delicate nature, of this issue.

In this context, NGO Monitor’s new database, which provides data on all donations to 27 politicized Israeli NGOs in the years 2012-2014, will help facilitate a more responsible, professional conversation.

There is much more to learn from our online research tool. We encourage decision makers, government officials, journalists, and the public to explore the data and obtain the facts and figures they need to make sound, informed judgements and policy decisions.

In this respect, we hope this database will be a modest contribution towards strengthening the transparency and accountability of Israeli NGOs.