In a recent press release, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights calls on Isreal to re-open the Gaza crossings “to allow stranded Gazans in and out. According to Al Mezan, “about five thousand Palestinians have been stranded in Egypt and hundreds inside Gaza as Israel closed the Rafah Crossing; Gaza’s sole connection with the outside world, since 9 June 2007. Since that date, the crossing opened for few hours allowing some 160 Palestinians who were denied access into Egypt to enter the Strip. Many of those are children, sick and elderly.”

The report, blaming Israel , makes no mention of ongoing terror attacks against Gaza border crossings by Palestinian groups, including Hamas. There is also no mention of the serious security concerns that have led Israel to close the crossings. This type of highly skewed coverage, which eliminates the context, is consistent with Al Mezan’s anti-Israel agenda, including false claims of "Israeli war crimes" and incitement – as NGO Monitor has reported on in the past.

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