BDS campaigns are financed and supported extensively by foreign governments, as well as foundations and religious charities, which provide frameworks for anti-Israel political influence. *See funding chart below.

Most of this money comes from Europe, usually involving taxpayer funds funneled in secret processes to organizations that operate under the banners of promoting human rights, humanitarian aid, democracy, and peace.

Partial List of NGOs involved in BDS and their Funders

Click here for a list of government-funded NGOs involved in BDS.

European Union

The European Union (EU) is the largest governmental funder for NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict, including some of the most radical and politicized groups. Under the guise of human rights, democracy, and good governance, EU support is transferred to Israeli, Palestinian, and European NGOs that promote anti-Israel BDS.


Individual governments, primarily but not exclusively from Europe, transfer millions annually to pro-BDS groups. In many instances, this is in direct contradiction to the foreign policies of these countries, which explicitly oppose boycott efforts and support a two-state solution.


Private foundations contribute millions of dollars and euros to NGOs from across the globe for BDS campaigns. This funding is sometimes supplemented by government funds, occasionally unknowingly.  As there are limited legal requirements for public reporting of private donations, in many cases, there is no information regarding the funding provided by foundations.

Religious Charities

In distributing funding to NGOs, religious charities claim to fight poverty, distribute development aid, and operate in the spirit of good deeds and improving the world. Instead, by funding BDS, they are conducting divisive political campaigns that increase tension and do not promote peace and mutual understanding. This betrays the important and universal values they claim to embrace.   Many times, these campaigns embrace antisemitic theological themes.