Dear Editors,

On January 29, you published an opinion piece titled Incitement and Hate – the loss of civil public discourse by Yona Schiffmiller, along with a reply headlined False Equivalence in Israel by Noam Shelef of the New Israel Fund (NIF). We welcome the debate allowed for by the LA Jewish Journal (though it is customary to inform authors that their article was seen by a third – involved – party before publication), and are sure your readership also appreciates the exposure to both sides.

However, we see the framing of Schiffmiller’s article as a “response” to Shelef’s piece (as seen in the included screenshot of the article) to be misleading. Schiffmiller was not asked to reply to the piece, and therefore was unable to respond to any of Shelef’s distortions about NGO Monitor.

Please amend the articles to make it clear that Shelef was responding to Schiffmiller’s article, and not vice versa.