On December 16, the Executive-Director of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Rebecca Vilkomerson, published an op-ed rife with numerous factual distortions.  Considering the organization’s goals include the creation of “a wedge” within the US Jewish community and demonization of Israel, this is not surprising.

For instance, she condemns Israel for raiding hospitals while ignoring the systematic abuse of medical facilities by Palestinian terrorists who use them as command centers, weapons depots and as safe havens. Similarly, she distorts facts and shares half-truths. Her protest against restrictions on movement in the West Bank, for example, is both devoid of the context of Palestinian terrorism and disregards Israel’s removal of hundreds of roadblocks and checkpoints in recent years – a move that carried major risks of terror attacks.

Readers should see through Vilkomerson’s spin and recognize her op-ed for what it was: an inaccurate, anti-Israel diatribe, designed to garner support for her organization’s extremist views.

Professor Gerald Steinberg
President, NGO Monitor