Naomi Paiss
Communications Director
New Israel Fund

Naomi, the statement below that you are circulating on behalf of Sheikh Jarah Solidarity includes numerous false allegations.

1. NGO Monitor was very clear in saying that the image in question was published on the official Solidarity Movement facebook page. We never allege that it was for an ongoing "campaign."

2. It was actually the column that ran on +972Mag, written anonymously by a woman sexually assaulted by a left-wing activist, which says the poster is part of a campaign. Here’s the link:, and here is the paragraph:

When Solidarity unrolled its new campaign about the settlement Migron, showing violent images likening the Migron settlement to rape, I was deeply angered. In the name of opposing the government’s settler policies, the images showed a woman being brutally choked, and a container of vaseline inviting the viewer to infer anal rape – alongside text that read: “Shut up, get on your knees and swallow. You know you want it.” The ad conjured the most disturbing tropes of sexual violence.  I was livid, but unfortunately I cannot say I was surprised. Because, when it comes down to it, the political left is not nearly as gender equal as it believes itself to be. 

3. It is incorrect to say that the image with a woman never appeared on the SJS facebook page. I’ve copied the discussion below directly from the SJS page, and below that is our release – I urge you to read both closely.

4. I do think it would be interesting to know who paid Idan Arazi to make that poster for SJS’s Migron campaign.

Again, we very much welcome a constructive dialogue with you on these issues