June 18, 2010

Reporters Without Borders

Secrétariat International Middle East Bureau

47 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris – France

Re: “Reporters Without Limits” (Hezbollah’s version of RSF)

According to media reports, a Lebanese NGO named “Reporters Without Limits” is organizing another flotilla to Gaza, seeking a clash with Israel. It appears that this group and its name was chosen to appear legitimate, and to conceal Hezbollah’s role.

We are writing to ask whether you are aware of this situation, and whether you are concerned about the use of the name “Reporters Without Limits” by a Hezbollah front organization? We note that a number of bloggers initially accused Reporters Without Borders of collusion with Hezbollah. (See here, for an example of translating “Reporters Without Borders” as “Reporters Without Limits.”)

We are also asking whether Reporters Without Borders has or will make a public statement on this issue?


Naftali Balanson

Managing Editor

NGO Monitor

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