To the Editor,

In her recent article, ("The UN Reforms, Despite Bolton’s Best Efforts" March 24, 2006), Kathleen Peratis distorts the reasons that Israel and the United States opposed the new Human Rights Council.

Israel, which has suffered the most from the biases of the previous framework, refrained from supporting the new Council specifically because the necessary changes were stripped from the proposal. Peratis argues that the new Council will, in the very least, have a "plausible claim to objectivity" but the evidence does not support this. Indeed, the organization with which she is associated – Human Rights Watch – is a major part of the problem. As documented by NGO Monitor, HRW has consistently supported the UN’s anti-Israel agenda by devoting highly disproportionate resources to unjustified condemnations. Publications such as "Razing Rafah," are based on unverified media reports and false claims, and promote the exploitation of human rights in the UN.

In opposing the long-overdue changes in the UN human rights framework, HRW has contributed to the missed opportunity to create a credible Council. Indeed, NGO reform, including HRW, is central to the effort to restore the credibility of the UN.



Israel Kasnett
NGO Monitor