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“I was surprised to learn that the group in Israel was calling itself Shooting Back – an infringement of my ownership of the registered trademark and service mark – but I was even more surprised to find that my personal name was also linked with this enterprise. While my own work, both as a photojournalist and as a photographer working with disenfranchised children, may resonate in some ways with the goals of B’Tselem’s project, the more I researched the more disturbed I was at being linked to a project whose actions, in my estimation, violate youths rights to safety.”

“In a recent letter to B’Tselem, I requested it cease and desist using the name Shooting Back. I don’t want my name connected to a project, whatever its intentions, that I believe puts children at risk. The response was to retain a large New York law firm to defend its use of the trademark without my authorization and, in my view, infringement of my trademark.”