On December 27, 2016, Education Minister Naftali Bennet announced that he will promote a bill aimed at granting him “as the head of the educational system” the authority to “forbid persons or organizations which are not part of the educational system, to operate within a school when the activity is aimed at…harming IDF soldiers.”

This bill has gained support from coalition and opposition MKs, including Likud, Kulanu, Jewish Home, Israel Beiteinu and Yesh Atid.

The proposed bill will add the following paragraph to the current State Education Bill:

“The Minister of Education is authorized to stop any activity in any form in an educational institution, by external people or organizations that act in a way that inherently and blatantly contradicts the objectives of the educational system as defined by this law, or that as a result of the activities of this same person or organization, there is a concern that IDF soldiers will be prosecuted in national or international courts due to an action committed by them in the course of their duty.” (Translation by NGO Monitor.)