On July 25, 2022, NGO Monitor sent letters to the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Ireland, which had issued a joint statement rejecting Israel’s designation of six Palestinian NGOs as terror organizations. According to the European countries, “No substantial information was received from Israel that would justify reviewing our policy towards the six Palestinian NGOs on the basis of the Israeli decision to designate these NGOs as ‘terrorist organizations.’”

In the letters, NGO Monitor emphasized that the European countries “did not refer to the open source information, including data confirmed by an independent investigation in the Netherlands and in NGO Monitor reports. These show substantial ties between the designated NGOs and the PFLP, which is recognized by the EU as a terrorist organization.”

Letter to the Netherlands

Letter to Denmark

Letter to Sweden

Letter to France

Letter to Belgium

Letter to Germany

Letter to Ireland

Letter to Italy

Letter to Spain