Associazione Comunit Papa Giovanni XXIII (Italy)


Country/TerritoryItaly (English)
In their own wordsFounded by Don Oreste Benzi with the religious vision "to bring his life to Jesus, poor, servant, suffering that atones the sins of the world."


Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII (APG23) receives funds from the European Commission Partnership for Peace Program: €288,177 for 24 months in 2016-2017 together with Rabbis for Human Rights for a project that “aims to strengthen and replicate successful nonviolent approaches and experiences in other marginalized communities in the Hebron area.”


  • APG23 claims to perform humanitarian work and non-violent interventions “in the vast environment of marginalization and poverty,” especially in conflict zones.
  • Signatory to 2005 Italian call for BDS.
  • Operation Dove (Colomba) is its main program in “Palestine and Israel.” Aims to “live with the people most affected by the violence of the conflict (the poor, children, elderly, women)…the victims of the conflict” and “share the lives of those…forced to suffer the violence of conflict.”
  • Blog entries by Operation Dove participants demonize Israel and adopt the Palestinian narrative by referring to “the colonists” and [Israeli] “massacre[s],” and making claims of “ghettoising” and “apartheid.”
  • At the UN Human Rights Council’s UPR (Universal Periodic Review) of Israel in December 2008, APG23’s report alleged “numerous gross human rights violations inflicted by religious extremist Israeli settlers and Israeli authorities (police, border police, soldiers, District Coordinating Authority, etc.) on the local Palestinian population.” There is no mention of Palestinian violence.
  • Conscientious objection, “not as mere subjective right of the individual, but as an instrument of social and civil complaint,” is one of APG23’s focuses. Its “Go’el” project works in partnership with Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve as reservists in the IDF (APG23 publication, “So Close, So Far, Nonviolence in the South Hebron Hills, pg. 19).
  • APG23’s website uses the term “annexation wall,” removing the context of security for Israelis.


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