Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association


In their own words“works to ensure that the Palestinian people…have realized their right to self-determination and to form an independent state.”


  • The organization does not publish financial information, reflecting a lack of transparency.


  • Leads study tours of the West Bank, giving participants the chance to “Discover occupation seen with Palestinian glasses.”
  • In Denmark, DPV holds “public meetings and other democratic activities to influence the Danish public and the Danish authorities to increase efforts for the Palestinians’ right to self-determination.”

Anti-Israel Activities

  • DPV accuses Israel of “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing” and “war crimes.” It also alleges that “the Israeli government combines apartheid, military occupation and colonization in its own way.”
  • Publishes inflammatory booklets on topics such as the security barrier, Jerusalem, “theft of Palestinian water,” Palestinian “refugees,” allegations of torture, and Gaza. Publishes a highly misleading map claiming to depict Palestinian loss of land since 1946.
  • In August 2022, DPV posted a “Palestinian train travel poster – from 1898” from “before the Zionists invasion, rampage and terror did their part with ethnic cleansing, displacement, murder, rapes AND a historic land robbery in broad daylight that rested on a BIG lie.”
  • In August 2022, DPV condemned the decision by the Israeli Ministry to designate six Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organizations. According to DPV, “Apartheid state attack on the Palestinian human rights organizations is another attempt to prevent the exposure of their daily atrocities and crimes against an entire people of occupied Palestine.”
  • In April 2022, DPV Chairman Fathi El-Abed published an article claiming “The bourgeois – the press as well as parties – at one time failed South Africa’s fight against apartheid. It is time not to repeat the same mistakes in relation to Palestine.”
  • In September 2021, DPV called to “support our Danish national team when they kick Israel out of the World Cup” as “There can no longer be any doubt that Israel is an apartheid regime…The Danish Palestinian Friendship Association (DPV) obviously prefers that a team representing that regime is not welcome in an international football event such as the World Cup.”
  • In May 2017, DPV signed a letter to Danish party leaders to “Stop The Occupation Of Palestine – 50 Years Is Enough,” calling to “Recognize the State of Palestine now,” “demand[] an end to the collective punishment that Gazans have suffered since Israel ten years began its blockade,” and “ensure that Danish pension crowns are not invested in companies that contribute to the occupation and the illegal settlements.”
  • On May 15, 2017, in commemoration of 69 years of the “Palestinian Nakba,” DPV declared Israel’s founding “History’s biggest armed robbery in broad daylight,” and stated that Israel is “built on ethnic cleansing, repression, displacement, land theft, colonization, murder and persecution of an entire people.”
  • On May 13, 2017, posted a photo on its Facebook from what it deemed “peaceful protests against the occupation forces” including two girls holding stones, thanking them for “their decades of struggle and important role in the struggle for freedom, independence and against Israel’s occupation, oppression, land theft and colonization.”
  • On March 16, 2017, following the UNESCWA report accusing Israel of “establish[ing] an apartheid regime that dominates the entire Palestinian people,” DPV published the full report “to serve as a historical document of the UN’s weakness and inability to get the occupied, oppressed and weak to help only to take account of the occupier, oppressor and the strong party in the unfortunate conflict.”
  • In September 2016, DPV held a workshop stating “Been to Palestine? So you have no doubt seen injustice, harassment and racism. You have probably felt angry when you walked along the wall at Bethlehem or at Shuada-street and settlements in Al-Khalil (Hebron) in the occupied West Bank…The workshop’s purpose is to bring together the best forces from people who have returned from Palestine in a forum where we can talk about our experiences and exchange ideas that can benefit the Palestinian cause.”
  • In September 2014, held a book talk featuring activist Miko Peled in conjunction with “Jews Against Genocide” (a group that accuses Israel of genocide against Arabs in Gaza).
    • Peled is a proponent of BDS and has referred to all Israeli cities as “settlements” in arguing for a “one-state solution.”
  • In August 2014, held a demonstration in conjunction with ActionAid Denmark (one of the founders of DanWatch) and others to end the blockade on Gaza, calling it “collective punishment.”
  • In July 2014, held a protest against “Israel’s comprehensive assault on Gaza and the collective punishment of the Palestinian civilian population” during the 2014 Gaza War.
  • In 2011, DPV published a petition in conjunction with the Palestinian representation in Denmark to push the European Parliament for recognition of a Palestinian state.

BDS Activities

  • On May 12, 2017, following the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Union’s decision to “support a total boycott of Israel; Economic, cultural and academic,” DPV congratulated the union stating that “Norway again leads the way in the fight against apartheid, injustice, oppression, persecution, occupation and murder of civilians. May we hope that it is the beginning of the end of the occupation and contemporary Apartheid.”
  • DPV held a campaign throughout 2016 pushing for the “labeling of products originating from Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.”
  • In March 2016, following G4S selling its business in Israel, Fathi El-Abed, chairman of DPV, offered his “Congratulations to the [G4S] campaign, to Palestine and to justice! After several years of campaign and pressure, it is now possible to get even a large company to complete the work and investments in Israel. It is a great victory file BDS campaign because G4S has worked for Israel’s extensive security apparatus that creates an oppressive and humiliating basis for continued occupation, land theft and colonization in Palestine.”
  • On April 27, 2015, DPV started “a large-scale advertising campaign on 35 bus lines in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.” This “No Thanks to Settlement Products” campaign, which calls for the labeling of Israeli products from the West Bank, is part of DPV’s wider anti-Israel demonization agenda, as demonstrated by the misleading maps on the posters.
    • The first map, which claims to show that Palestinians owned almost all of the land before the founding of the State of Israel, does not distinguish between privately owned land and land belonging to the government. This is deceiving since there was no Palestinian state at the time, and therefore the vast majority could not be described as “Palestinian.”
    • The second map likewise does not reflect land ownership.
    • The third map ignores the reality of 1948-1967: Jordan ruled the West Bank, and Egypt administered Gaza.
    • The campaign website includes references to material from DanWatch, which receives funding from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is part of the “Made in Illegality” campaign in Belgium.

Text: “Our conscience is clear! We do not buy products from Israeli settlements or invest in settlement industry.” Website: “No Thanks to Settlement Products.” Source: Facebook


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