Al Haq submitted a report (signed by its Executive Director, Shawan Jabarin) to the UN Human Rights Committee in advance of the Committee’s July 2010 review of Israel.  The report aims to chronicle alleged human rights violations by Israel.

One notable passage claims that Israel issues “travel bans on political activists, professors, and human rights defenders prevent[ing] them from attending conferences, lectures and meetings” and that such bans constitute a violation on freedom of expression.

Al Haq raises the case of Jabarin to speciously allege that Israel is “using the pretext of security” to “effectively suppress[] critical voices from disseminating information about Israeli practices in the OPT.”

Beyond the failure to mention the numerous decisions of the Israeli Supreme Court describing Jabarin as a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “among the senior activists” in the PFLP terror organization, Al Haq appears to miss the blatant irony in its claims. How has Israel “effectively suppressed” Jabarin from “disseminating information about Israeli practices in the OPT”?  His own 73-page statement, purporting to do exactly that, is posted on the UN website for the entire world to read.