As a resource for journalists, diplomats, decision makers, and the general public, NGO Monitor has launched an interactive database that allows easy access and analysis of NIS 235 million of foreign government funding from 2012-2016 to Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are active in the Arab-Israeli conflict.1

The funding database allows users to specify their own data set and create customized graphs and charts based on those selections. Users can filter by category (NGO, year, foreign funder, etc.), and determine the format for displaying the information (bar, line, or pie chart).

Prof. Gerald Steinberg, President of NGO Monitor, explained, “The unique and disproportionate funding that a small group of Israeli NGOs get from European governments is used to influence Israeli politics and society. Over the past four years alone, 34 Israeli NGOs have received nearly a quarter of a billion shekels. Our new database brings this essential information directly to journalists, the public and decision makers, increasing transparency in a clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly way.”

The data compiled in the database are sourced entirely from NGOs’ quarterly submissions to the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits, in accordance with the “Law and Disclosure Requirements for [Groups] Supported by a Foreign Governmental Body” (2011).2 To stay current, the database will be updated on a regular basis.

Prof. Steinberg concluded, “The availability of this detailed online database marks an important step after many years in which large scale European government funding was highly secretive and the limited information that was released was delayed and incomplete. In Israel, the consequences of this funding for political NGOs and the impact on democracy are subject to intense debate. I encourage the Israeli public, as well as European officials, journalists and others to utilize this important tool.”

The NGO funding database can be accessed at:

For an explanation on how to use the database, watch this video.