Dangerous expression of intolerance and bullying at event funded by Swedish Government

The demand to ban and remove NGO Monitor, the highly respected Jerusalem-based independent research institute, from an event funded by the Swedish government, is a dangerous expression of intolerance and bullying. Criticism and debate are essential democratic values, but SIDA, the International Development Agency, the Olof Palme Center, and their NGO allies have shamefully joined those who fear criticism and use their power to prevent civil discourse.

NGO Monitor was invited and scheduled to present our research as part of the Globala Torget forum in conjunction with the Gothenburg Book Fair, together with the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association and groups that present different views. But under the facade of promoting human rights, representatives of 21st Century cancel-culture claim a right to select “good” Jews, and to silence those they see as “bad” Jews.

Equally disturbing is B’Tselem’s fear of engaging in any discussion or answering any questions. Whenever their claims are challenged, they resort to illiberal methods of boycott, silencing, and deplatforming. B’Tselem and their allies wrap themselves in the flag of democracy and human rights – in order to accuse Israel of apartheid and “Jewish supremacy” – all while shutting down criticism and debate. This is fundamental hypocrisy.