Summary: The Belgian Senator and anti-Israel activist leads a demonstration against Israel’s security barrier while demanding EU sanctions on Israel and the deployment of a UN multinational force "to protect Palestinians".

Following his participation at the European Social Forum, a 10 November 2004 report in the Turkish newspaper Zaman describes Belgian Senator Pierre Galand’s role in a Brussels demonstration against Israel’s security barrier.

His delegation "set forth a European initiative for demolition of the wall. Galand told Zaman they are demanding the EU implement a three-phase plan in order to punish Israel. In the first phase, Galand wants the partnership between Israel and the EU to be suspended on the grounds that Israeli has disregarded Palestinian rights. If the violations continue, the Senator demands that sanctions be place on Israel in line with the Geneva Convention. The final phase of the plan requires deployment of a United Nations (UN) multinational force to protect Palestinians, similar to the Green Line of 1967."