On June 13, 2007, radical Palestinian NGO Sabeel issued a press release to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1967 War.  Consistent with Sabeel’s active role in the Durban Strategy of demonization the release opens up with verses from Old Testament Prophet Habbakuk and the inflammatory statement that, “As the prophet so eloquently notes, strife and contention are evident everywhere as we mark 40 years of the Israeli Occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza.  The brutal assault on Gaza continues unabated.  Israel’s army daily invades communities and kidnaps and kills Palestinians in the West Bank.”  The one-sided statement goes on to say “The reasons for the current feelings are clear.  The Israeli government and the Israeli army are implementing a long term strategy to destroy the infrastructure of the Palestinian government, economy, and civil society.”  Sabeel again ignored Palestinian terror and corruption and denying Palestinian responsibility for the situation. In addition to the exploitation of human rights and international legal terminology, Sabeel is a major player in the boycott, sanction, and divestment movement against Israel as well as supports a “one state solution”.

Christians for a Fair Witness on the Middle East, responded stating that it was “appalled” by Sabeel’s revision of the history of the 1967 War as well as ignoring Israeli efforts to engage in peace talks.  The group takes Sabeel to task for omitting the long campaign of Palestinian terrorism including on-going Qassam rocket attacks.