Amnesty International (AI) issued a report on September 14, 2006 entitled Hezbollah’s Attacks on Northern Israel. The report, which was intended to balance AI’s report on Israel issued on August 23, ( "Amnesty continues to distort human rights rhetoric to attack Israeli actions in Lebanon," NGO Monitor, Sept. 4, 2006), examines the impact of Hezbollah’s missile attacks on Israel’s civilian population. This report refers to the firing of missiles as indiscriminate and calls these actions war crimes, rejecting the justifications that had been presented by Hezbollah. Amnesty notes that it will address the use of human shields by Hezbollah for storing and launching missiles in a later report (this is also a violation of international law), while ignoring Hezbollah’s status as a terror group, as declared by the US, Canada, Israel, and other countries.



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