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Special Edition: 26 August 2004 Asleep at the Wheel: Comparing the Performance of Human Rights NGO’s on Sudan and Arab-Israeli Issues

Summary: This article analyzes human rights NGO activity on Sudan prior to January 2003 and after, compared to the Israeli-Palestinian focus, and demonstrates the belated recognition of the tragedy in Sudan.
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World Vision International’s Pro-Palestinian Agenda

Tacit support for terror and a highly politicized agenda reflecting anti-Israel rhetoric and biased history, under the guise of "development assistance and justice."
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New Israel Fund Update

Support continues for NGOs leading the demonization campaign against Israel, including Adalah, HaMoked, I’lam, Mossawa Center and the Arab Association for Human Rights.
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NGOs Political Campaign against Israel’s Citizenship Law Continues

HRW, Amnesty and Adalah have resumed their campaign which lacks a comparative framework and reflects blatant political goals.
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Betselem Update

A report ostensibly on policies related to use of roads by Palestinians is inaccurate, uses the language of demonization, including ‘apartheid’ , and trivializes legitimate Israeli anti-terror requirements.
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The Legality of Israel’s Separation Barrier

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