Christian Aid and Pax Christi help organize Palestine Solidarity Campaigns demonstration in London.

Christian Aid and Pax Christi helped organize Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s demonstration "against the Israeli occupation of Palestine" in London on 22 May. Baroness Jenny Tonge of the House of Lords and British MP Jeremy Corbyn were among those who addressed the rally of an estimated 20,000 people. A mock-up of the security barrier and a large banner with the words "Stop Starving Palestinians, End Israel’s Occupation and Recognize Palestinian Democracy" was the backdrop for the speakers.

Christian Aid has also updated its webpage for "Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories." The information alleges that Israeli policy and "expansion and consolidation of settlements" has caused Palestinian hardship but fails to mention the corruption in the PA and the unwillingness to renounce terrorism which has been a major factor in the economic downturn in the Palestinian territories. In its summary, CA declares "both peoples must end the violence."

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