The UK-based "charity" War on Want, which has been central in the boycott campaign, has failed to convince the Church of England to divest from the Caterpillar, whose construction equipment is used by the Israel Defense Forces. According to War on Want, "The Church’s Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG) has been examining whether its investments in Caterpillar are consistent with the Church’s ethical investment policy, which prohibits investment in arms companies. The EIAG has now rejected calls for divestment…." To read the War on Want press release,
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Similarly, the Social Responsibility in Investments Committee of the Episcopal Church has submitted its recommendations that the church not divest from companies doing business with Israel , but instead pursue a policy of "corporate engagement" in order to influence "positive changes in Israeli government policy… as well as urging the Palestinian Authority to oppose violence as a means of resistance." In its deliberations, the committee consulted with several pro-Palestinian NGOs, including Sabeel, ICAHD, B’Tselem, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and the Christian Peacemaker Team in Hebron , as well as representatives of the Palestinian Authority, and of several pro-Israel organizations. The church’s Executive Council is considering the recommendations at its meeting being held October 7-10 in Las Vegas .
For more information, see Matthew Davies, "Israel/Palestine: Report recommends corporate engagement, positive investment" , Episcopal News Service , October 3, 2005.



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