Dutch Government

Extensive Dutch government, EU funding for radical Palestinian NGOs


The Dutch Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) published a detailed investigation of United Civilians for Peace (UCP) in October 2007, which CIDI claims is an extreme anti-Israeli organization funded with money from the European Union and the Dutch Government. UCP is an initiative of several Dutch NGO’s, including Cordaid, Oxfam-Netherlands, and Pax Christi, which supply UCP with funds. The report mentions inter alia that some of UCP’s speakers advocate Iran’s right to possess nuclear weapons, which opposes EU and Dutch policy. The report received attention in the Dutch and Israeli media. (An English summary of the report can be viewed here, the Dutch original here.)

(NGO Monitor reported in January 2007 that Dutch development NGO, Kerkinactie, left the UCP, over the coalition’s bias against Israel  Kerkinactie stated that the UCP paid “too little attention . . . to the necessity of security for all peoples in the region, including Israel itself,” and due to its "reputation of being ‘one-sidedly pro-Palestinian’" UCP could no longer “be sufficiently effective in its advocacy and lobbying work.")