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HRW Annual Report

HRW’s credibility is in serious doubt on two grounds. First, officials such as Roth consistently fail to state their criteria for using complex terms from international law such as ‘proportionality.’ The absence of criteria suggests a dominant political agenda. Second, HRW’s ‘policy statements’…
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Analysis of Canadian NGO – Alternatives

Alternatives has won generous funding from the Canadian government on the basis of its human rights principles that “meets the needs and responds to the demands of progressive Canadians” but its domestic and foreign activities reveal a highly inaccurate ideological agenda to undermine Israel.
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NGO Reaction to Recent Terror Attack

Amnesty International and EMHRN issued condemnations of the January 29 Jerusalem bus bombing, in strong contrast to many other major international and Palestinian NGOs. The silence from the other human-rights based NGOs illustrates the serious questions that have been raised about their adherence to an unbiased and universal agenda.
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