"I have very serious criticisms of Amnesty. There is no moral clarity. It doesn’t differentiate between what I call fear societies and free societies. In the democratic world, there are violations of human rights, but they are revealed and dealt with. In a fear society, there are no violations of human rights because human rights just don’t exist. All citizens are deprived of those rights. Amnesty International says it doesn’t support or oppose any political system, so it ends up with reports that show a moral equivalence between, for example, Israel and the terrorist regimes that attack it."

Amnesty doesn’t examine Hamas, only Israel. It ignores violations by terrorist organizations. We find the unfortunate situation that somehow there’s no difference between terrorists targeting civilians and democratic countries targeting terrorists…Violations by Israel are on the world’s agenda, but Sudan’s aren’t. Human-rights organizations create an atmosphere in which dictatorial regimes dictate the human-rights agenda of the entire world.