At NGO Monitor´s December conference, Gisha´s Legal Advisor, Prof. Kenneth Mann, argued that debates on international law should take place among experts within the confines of court proceedings.  In sharp contrast, Gisha issued a twelve page “position paper” crafted as a pseudo-legal brief entitled, “Gaza Closure Defined: Collective Punishment, Position Paper on the International Law Definition of Israeli Restrictions,” in December 2008.  In the pamphlet, Gisha continues to promote the false claims that Israel is responsible for “occupied” Gaza under international law; and that Israel is under a legal obligation to grant “freedom of movement” to Gaza residents. Its legal acrobatics also argue that responses to Hamas attacks aimed at civilians lack a “concrete military objective.”  The organization discounts the tons of humanitarian aid provided by Israel to Gaza and ignores Israel´s legal obligations under international anti-terror treaties.  And bizarrely, several of the legal sources cited, when examined closely do not support Gisha’s claims.  A report issued by Israeli lawyers, Justus Reid Weiner and Avi Bell, details the fallacies in Gisha´s legal arguments.