On May 28 2008, Gisha publicized its report in a hearing it had requested in the Knesset, alleging that Israeli responses to rocket bombardments from Gaza violated the rights of Palestinian students. Gisha’s press release, which erased the context of the attacks on Israelis, was featured in the press (including the New York Times and Los Angeles Times), and Israeli, American, and British politicians attacked Israel for its policy.

The State Department announced that it was canceling the Fulbright grants allocated for Gazans. Gisha blamed Israel for this as well.  The US government had cancelled the interviews for this program following a Palestinian attack on the US Fulbright delegation in Gaza in 2003, but this was not reported in any of the discussion in the media or by Gisha. Furthermore, it later became clear that the Israeli government had not been asked or consulted regarding the request for entry permits for these Fulbright candidates, and when they were asked, four of the permits were granted, and further security checks were needed on the other three candidates.

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