On November 12, 2008, Human Rights Watch (HRW) published “Sinai Perils,” a 90-page report on African “refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants” who have attempted to cross the border between Egypt and Israel. While HRW condemns Israel for an inconsistent policy that includes returning migrants to Egypt and “arbitrary” and “prolonged” detentions, the majority of the report is devoted to far-graver abuses by Egyptian soldiers and government officials:  the shooting of migrants attempting to cross into Israel, arrests, disappearances, denial of asylum, and the denial of medical care to migrant-prisoners.

HRW also praised “Israeli NGOs, student groups, volunteers, and other private citizens” who have been “tr[ying] to fill the void left by the government´s failure to provide support services to” the migrants.

The balance and proportion in “Sinai Perils” contrasts with HRW´s previous bias and double standards against Israel; and marks a positive change compared to HRW´s May 2008 report, “Off the Map,” which ignored the role of Egypt and other Middle East states