Decision has implications for NGOs funded by foreign governments.

According to February 11, 2008 report in the Jerusalem Post, Rasham Ha-Amutot, The Israeli Ministry of Justice’s regulatory body for nonprofit organizations, decided to “withdraw the certificate of proper administration from Sha’al Educational Enterprises, the organization that provides funding for Peace Now.” The Israeli Justice Ministrystated,  

    “The most serious [violation] was the fact that the aims of the [Sha’al] organization, as it defined them, did not tally with the activities of Peace Now, which is a political-ideological activist movement calling for a two-state solution along the 1967 Green Line boundaries. This is problematic, as it may lead to misrepresentation regarding what the money of Sha’al’s donors would be used for."

This investigation and suspension may have implications for Israeli NGOs, many of whom receive foreign government funding (including from the European Union and EU member states)—if NGOs misrepresent themselves as humanitarian and non-political, yet engage in clearly political campaigning, Rasham Ha-Amutot can apply the precedent set in the investigation of Peace Now.