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Special Edition: 05 August 2004 War on Want’s War Against Israel

The British charity War on Want, an explicitly political organization that uses economic issues to further its agenda, has launched a campaign in support of the effort to demonize Israel’s security barrier and defense against terrorism, featuring MPs and entertainment celebrities who are asked to sign a mock "wall" denouncing Israel’s policies and supporting the ICJ "advisory opinion".
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Special Edition: 28 July 2004 Pierre Galand (Belgium): Using political NGOs to promote demonization & anti-semitism in the UN & EU

Spreading an extremist anti-American, anti-globalization and anti-Israel ideology, Belgian parliamentarian Pierre Galand travels the NGO conference network, sponsored by the United Nations and the European Union. Public NGO funding has provided Galand with visiblity and influence in promoting his private agenda, highlighting the absence of accountability in UN and EU support of NGOs.
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Save the Children Fund – Politicizing the Rights of Children

Prior to the ruling of the ICJ on Israel’s security barrier, SCF released its own one-sided political analysis, violating its mandate, presenting a distorted version of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a pro-Palestinian filter, while ignoring the rights of Israeli children.
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Ittijah – Israeli Arab NGO Refuses to Disavow Support for Terror

This major Israeli-Arab NGO that was very active in the Durban conference continues to receive funds from EU, NIF and others despite continuing demonization and refusal to accept Ford and USAID anti-terror guidelines.
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PENGON – Abusing the Environment to Pursue the Palestinian Political Agenda

This Palestinian NGO claims to work for the betterment of the environment, while using the cover of green issues to pursue the Palestinian agenda through its blatant anti-Israel political activities.
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