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UNICEF Funding Political Activities

HRW continues to be a major contributor to the political and ideological effort to delegitimize Israel. Despite declaring that ‘the hallmark and pride of HRW is the even-handedness and accuracy of our reporting,’ HRW displays an ambivalence to balanced reporting.
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Human Rights Watch World (HRW) Report 2003

Three Palestinian NGOs issued the report: "Comments on Torture and Other Ill-Treatment of Palestinians" Like similar reports, this report exaggerates and distorts their effect so as to make the IDF appear as a rogue regime implementing brutal punishments.
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Israel Medical Association accuses PHR-Israel of politicization

The Israel Medical Association (IMA) has officially accused the Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel) of politicization. Previously, NGO Monitor criticized PHR-Israel of politicization in its campaign to threaten Israeli gynecologists with sanctions.
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