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Special Release: Activity Summary of HRW March 2003 – March 2004

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Special Release:  NGO Responses to Abuse of Palestinian Children and Targeted Killing of Sheikh Yassin

On 22 March 2004, the IDF launched the targeted killing of Hamas terrorist leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, responsible for inspiring Palestinian suicide bombers and directly involved in the murder of hundreds of Israeli civilians. On 15 and 24 March, two incidents occurred involving the use of Palestinian children by terrorist groups – an 11 year-old boy was sent to transport explosives across an Israeli checkpoint and a 16 year-old would-be suicide bomber was arrested. The comparison of the responses from major human rights NGOs, including Amnesty, the EU-funded EMHRN, PCHR, PHR-I and others to these events illustrates their political and ideological biases.


Direct Relief International

Direct Relief International, a California based NGO that provides humanitarian relief and medical services to Palestinians, demonstrates that such activities can be accomplished without blatant political and ideological involvement in the conflict.
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Hebron Restoration Committee

The Hebron Restoration Committee (HRC), which is funded by a number of European, mainly Scandinavian, funders, perpetuates hatred and violence in the region.
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Ford Foundation Update

The Ford Foundation has made a commitment to review funding for NGOs and to halt support for those that exploit human rights and humanitarian claims in order to engage in demonization of Israel. Ford’s implemention of these promises is being monitored closely.
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