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Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network

The EMHRN receives 80% of its funding from the EU. The following analysis reveals that EMHRN’s activities are inconsistent with its goals. Its press releases demonstrate a thoroughly ideological and political agenda with regard to Israel
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HRW: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

A report on the "roadmap" peace plan stated, "HRW takes no position on the territorial disputes that lie at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." This forms a potentially positive precedent in removing ideological agendas that severely reduce the credibility of human rights NGOs.
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Shomrei Mishpat – Rabbis for Human Rights – broadens focus beyond Palestinian issue

Rabbis for Human Rights, seeks to unite rabbis to expose human rights violations in a "religious-rabbinical light." Traditionally, the NGO concentrated only on Palestinian human rights, with complete disregard for violations against Israeli citizens. The attitude started changing when Rabbi Odenheimer resigned because he was frustrated with its neglect of Palestinian terrorism.
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