After a Palestinian cameraman working with Reuters was killed during fighting in Gaza on April 16, 2008, a number of NGOs quickly and repeatedly condemned the IDF. B’tselem claimed in an April 17 press release that the shell that killed the cameraman was "illegal."  Amnesty International’s statement the same day accused the IDF of "disregard for civilian life" and "routine use of reckless and disproportionate force". Human Rights Watch issued a press release (April 20, 2008), a letter to the IDF Judge Advocate General on May 1, and another press release on May 2, claiming that the "Israeli tank crew fired recklessly or deliberately at the journalist’s team."  In contrast, HRW has yet to comment on the March 2008 Mercaz Harav terrorist attack in which several Israeli children were murdered, nor issue a separate condemnation of the February Dimona suicide bombing, nor the January 15, 2008 killing of an Ecuadoran kibbutz volunteer, by a Gaza sniper.