The Phoenix Center for Research and Field Studies was established in March 2021 under the auspices of Gaza University.

According to Phoenix, it “is an independent Palestinian non-profit institution established in correspondence to its responsibility towards Palestinian communities to fulfil their political, economic and social needs…” The center aims at “Supporting all actors and decision-makers with accurate economic, social and political studies…Conducting surveys, public opinion polls, and studies analyzing social and economic policies, and providing advice on them to decision makers and the concerned authorities, independently and impartially, far from any agenda or ideology.”

State Department Funding

According to (a US government website that catalogs Federal grants), the State Department is  providing $30,088 to the Phoenix Center for Research and Field Studies in Gaza for an August 2023-July 2024 project and an additional $60,000 for a September 2023-August 2024 project.1

The project description for the project beginning in August 2023 states: “The project team has developed clear, measurable objectives to develop the IT skills, raise the awareness of IT trends, and provide networking opportunities with IT employers in Europe and Asia for target audiences.” This description appears to be unrelated to Phoenix’s activity, raising the possibility that an unrelated grant description was associated with Phoenix.

The project description for the project beginning in September 2023 states: “This project aims to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of Palestinian USG alumni in public speaking, storytelling, and digital networking. The program activities further promote diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.”  The term “USG alumni” likely refers to individuals who had participated in US government-funded and -organized training or enrichment programs.

Cooperating with terrorists and supporting terror

On Phoenix’s website, the organization reports on several conferences and panels it has hosted during which it supported “armed resistance” against Israel – a euphemism for terrorism.2 Several senior members of Palestinian terrorist organizations have participated in these events.

According to Phoenix, participants in the discussion concluded that “the priorities of future agendas must include the need to reintegrate armed resistance and popular resistance,” adding that “armed resistance and non-violent resistance…are supposed to be integrated, viewing both as essential tools of the conflict with the occupation” (emphases added).

Phoenix held a workshop in a room decorated with PFLP flags, posters of terrorists, and graffiti praising the terror organization. (Sources:;

On September 19, 2022, Phoenix held a discussion on “The links between the PA and the occupation – between paralysis and division.” Among the participants was senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) member Khader Habib and the discussion focused on Palestinian terrorism – euphemistically referred to as “resistance” – and the need to increase it.3

During the discussion, “Participants emphasized the importance of this wave of resistance action,” and “that the viable Palestinian choice of confronting the occupation’s threats requires continued resistance action until achieving a third intifada” (emphases added).

They also noted that “the security coordination between the PA and the occupation…poses a real danger to resistance actions.”

Senior PIJ member Khader Habib, circled in red, participating in a Phoenix discussion on “The connection between the PA and the occupation – between paralysis and division.” (Source:

Top: Circled in red, left to right: PIJ senior member Khader Habib, Director of Phoenix Nasser Alioua, President of Phoenix Khaled Al-Yazji, PIJ senior member Khaled Al-Batsh, Phoenix Director of Programs Salah Abdalati, and PFLP senior member Omar Shaban. Bottom: Circled in red, left to right: PIJ senior members Khader Habib, Mohammed Shalah, Ahmed al-Mudallal (Sources:;

  • On May 29, 2022, Phoenix reported that the NGO hosted a discussion on “Developments and changes in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” During the discussion, “participants emphasized the need to redefine the armed resistance and define its tasks in a framework of total conflict with the occupation, using various tools and methods that will redistribute the fighting forces according to the conditions and segments of all the groups [i.e., terror groups] of the Palestinian people…” (emphasis added).

Salah Abdalati

In addition to Phoenix’s support for “resistance” and its cooperation with members of terrorist organizations, Director of Programs Salah Abdalati has demonstrated his own support for terror factions, their members, and “armed resistance”:

  • On May 13, 2023, following the May 2023 conflict between Israel and PIJ, Abdalati wrote, “Salutations and appreciation to the resistance and especially to its spearhead in this round, the [PIJ’s Al-Quds] Brigades that stood firm and steadfast with the rest of the factions…and was an armor and sword. We will keep up with the evaluations and preparations in order to continue the ongoing struggle and combat the Israeli occupation’s crimes in order to raise its price…by escalating resistance and popular pressure that will lead to a total intifada.”
  • On February 24, 2023, Abdalati wrote, “Symbolic and popular resistance, in all its forms, whether its…going on strike, mutiny, marches, confronting occupation forces…or escalating armed resistance, or other forms and methods of ingenuitive combat, must strengthen in various Palestinian communities so that resistance becomes a way of life (emphasis added).
  • On August 7, 2022, Abdalati wrote that Israel “is the state which most of its citizens have become as the ISIS of this generation…There is no choice but steadfastness and resistance against the occupation, and it is a right and a duty of a nation under occupation…The relationship with the occupation is based on raising its price until it is removed, by all methods of resistance.”
  • On August 7, 2022, Abdalati wrote, “We mourn the martyrs of our people, and first and foremost, the great martyr fighter commanders in the Al-Quds Brigades, [Khaled] Mansour and [Tayseer] Al-Jabari and their free comrades.4 We affirm that the recurring Israeli occupation’s crimes shall not scorch the will power of the people and the resistance.”
  • On December 10, 2019, Abdalati wrote, “With all the love and friendship, I wish to express my congratulations to the comrades of the path, the leadership, staff and members of the PFLP on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the establishment of the Front. Long live the anniversary and may the revolution continue until freedom, return and self determination.”

Appendix A – Additional photographs of PIJ officials who participated in Phoenix Center events and discussions

Mohammed Shalah – Senior PIJ member


Shalah attending a May 2022 Al-Quds Brigades [the PIJ’s military wing] ceremony honoring “the fighter” Mahmoud Abu Asi (Source:

Ahmed Al-MudallalSenior PIJ member


Al-Batsh addressing a December 2019 Al-Quds Brigades event. (Source:


Al-Mudallal participating in a military parade of the PIJ’s Al-Quds Brigades. (Sources:;;