In March 2010, the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP), New Profile, and the Israel Committee against House Demolitions (ICAHD) backed the failed UC-Berkeley divestment campaign from corporations that allegedly provide “military support of the occupation of the Palestinian territories” such as General Electric. The NGOs wrote to the student government: “Like South Africa and the United States, we need citizens around the world to stand up and say ‘No!’ to occupation, apartheid and oppression.”

CWP’s activism, funded by the New Israel Fund (NIF) ($285,509 in 2006-2008), contradicts NIF’s opposition to the Berkeley campaign, as well as claims from NIF officials that “NIF opposes the BDS movement” and “has never funded groups that call for divestment.” CWP runs the Who Profits divestment project, which receives tax-deductable donations from the US, UK, and Switzerland via NIF.

Similarly, despite CEO Daniel Sokatch’s statement, “We deeply disagree with the use of ‘apartheid’ in the Israeli context,” CWP and other NIF grantees continue to employ apartheid rhetoric.