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  • Lekach joined Anarchists Against the Wall in 2009, when he was working for Amnesty International–Israel as a communications director. Unclear if he is still affiliated with Amnesty.
  • Appeared in Montreal during a speaking and fundraising tour “to raise funds to cover AATW’s legal expenses, which continue to grow as a result of relentless state repression.” In his talk, he claimed that “according to the Israeli state, my blood is worth more than Palestinian blood.”
  • Signed a joint letter to the German government “in advance of President Shimon Peres’ visit to Germany to commemorate international Holocaust Remembrance Day”: “President Shimon Peres, who has been responsible for numerous severe human rights violations, should not be regarded as the representative of world Jewry. In fact, he does not even speak for all Israeli Jews. We call on the German government to stop ignoring or justifying severe human rights violations committed by Shimon Peres and the State of Israel, including those documented by the Goldstone Report, and to stop providing the weapons which facilitate these violations.”
  • Organized a vigil in Boston “to commemorate the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma,” in which protesters “chanted in support of the non-violent joint struggle, denouncing US military aid to Israel while calling for endorsement of the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign.”
  • Member of the Israeli “BDS from Within” group, which sends letters to artists and academics, urging them not to appear in Israel.
  • Lekach is active in the Sheikh Jarah protests. According to documents leaked to the Washington Times, Lekach was involved in an attempt to raise funds for demonstrations through J Street’s student branch.
  • Signed a against Israel’s acceptance to the OECD.