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Special Edition: 10 November 2004 NGO Monitor Analysis of Interview with Kenneth Roth, Head of Human Rights Watch — 5 November 2004, the Jerusalem Post

NGO Monitor analyzes a Jerusalem Post interview with Kenneth Roth, head of Human Rights Watch, in which he responded to evidence of bias and ideological exploitation of the rhetoric of universal human rights. Roth’s claims included a number of false and unsupported statements.
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Special Edition: 21 October 2004 Christian Aid: Report Uses Humanitarian Aims to Promote Political Bias

Christian Aid claims to be a charitable and humanitarian organization, but the main focus of its activities on Arab-Israeli issues is political. Its publication, "Facts on the ground: The end of the two-state solution?", presents a simplistic and highly partisan analysis that reflects that lack of competence in this area.
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The MCC Committee "Peace" Rhetoric Promotes Palestinian Agenda

This North American church organization promotes overtly anti-Israel propaganda in its "Peace Office Newsletter" and campaign against Israel’s security barrier.
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Physicians for Human Rights-Israel Update

PHR-I’s political activities, under the facade of human rights and humanitarian rhetoric, continue unabated, with attacks on Israeli policy the dominant theme in support of the Palestinian position.
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Ittijah Granted UN Special Consultative Status

Despite its prominent role at the 2001 Durban conference and its refusal to sign donors’ anti-terror clauses, this highly politicized and anti-Israel NGO has been granted special consultative status within the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
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NGOs Issue Standard Political Condemnations of Gaza Operation 

Amnesty International and Christian Aid issued highly politicized condemnations of Israeli policy in Gaza, minimizing the deaths of two Israeli children in a Palestinian missile attack and other victims that prompted Israeli military operations to defend itself.
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Clarification Regarding Profile of ADRID

NGO Monitor would like to clarify that in the profile of ADRID (September 27, 2004 Special Edition), the links to the Global IDP Project and the Norwegian Refugee Council were provided for informational purposes. We have no reason to believe that ADRID receives funding through Global IDP or from the government sources that support the Nowegian Refugee Council. NGO Monitor apologizes for any confusion that may have arisen and the website has been corrected accordingly.


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