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Special Edition: 5 October 2004 "UN Conference Abuses NGOs and "Civil Society" to Promote Anti-Israel Agenda"

In September 2004, the UN convened the "International Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People". This gathering represents the antithesis of civil society with workshops promoting an anti-Israel agenda, thus further discrediting the UN and NGO participants.
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Special Edition: 27 September 2004 "The Association for the Defence of the Rights of the Internally Displaced (Adrid) – The Body Shop’s Role in Exploiting Human Rights"

The Association for the Defence of the Rights of the Internally Displaced (ADRID) uses the veneer of human rights to promote an anti-Israel politicized agenda, assisted by the international cosmetics chain The Body Shop, which awarded ADRID its "Human Rights Award".
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MADRE – Ford Funded NGO Leads Demonization of Israel

A participant at Durban and recipient of Ford Foundation funding, this NGO has engaged in anti-Israel activities, carrying out a politicized agenda under the guise of women’s rights.
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Correspondence with AI

NGO Monitor and the Chair of Amnesty’s Israel Section engage in a two part correspondence in response to NGO Monitor’s analyses of Sudan and Amnesty’s 2004 Annual Report.
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AI & Christian Aid: Restoring a Human Rights Agenda?

Recent evidence indicates that NGO Monitor analyses are having an important impact on the activities of these two organizations who have issued statements that seem to presage a reduced emphasis on overtly political positions, and a return to core human rights issues.
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The Political Agenda of Palestinian "Environmental" NGO’s

Evidence indicates that Palestinian NGOs are using ecological issues primarily as a pretext for anti-Israel political and ideological objectives while making little substantive effort to carry out policies to improve the region’s environment.
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The Legality of Israel’s Separation Barrier "Making the Israeli Case on the ICJ Advisory Opinion," Jerusalem Post, August 23, 2004. (Article no longer available)